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Business Affairs


The Department of Commerce aims to manage, organize and follow up business affairs in the Emirate of Sharjah.

- Implementation of development projects related to the services of the Department and the strategic objectives supporting the different investment sectors.
- Supervision of the development of technical and development programs for the projects of the small and micro enterprises sector in the projects project license "Accreditation" of the Projects Section.
- Activate the terms of the projects contained in the strategic agreements, whether in the government or private sectors and supervise the implementation within the Department of Business Development and Commercial Investment.
- Participate in the development of plans and studies supporting the service development projects of the services of the Department.
- Establishing standard comparisons with relevant service and strategic projects in the other emirates.
- Planning projects and development programs and the composition of task forces for implementation, which requires covering the administrative, financial, technical, logistical, information and marketing.
- Follow up the implementation of projects and development programs and reporting of the analysis and measurement of results.


Commercial Investment Section
• Dealing with existing investors, markets and commercial sectors.
• Analysis studies of the existing investment sectors, investments and licenses, and the development of observations and development initiatives.
• Implementation of investment exhibitions.
• Branch visits mainly to solve problems that hinder investment growth.
• Implementing conferences, seminars and internal and external investment meetings.
• Strategic partnerships with companies, institutions and relevant government agencies.
• Initiating and implementing initiatives to attract domestic and international investment for trademarks and companies with increasing investment returns.
• Development of sector analysis reports (monthly and annual).

Business Development Section
• Develop development studies for the commercial sectors and develop strategic visions with the relevant authorities.
• Communicate with investment categories and meet their needs and provide suggestions to contribute to increase the satisfaction of customers in this category in particular.
• Forming strategic links with entities and initiatives related to business development in the Emirate.
• Follow-up feasibility studies and follow-up projects and follow-up reports.
• Implementation of conferences and courses related to development and small and medium-sized enterprises academically.

projects Department
• Taking over the project of developing the "Ezzam" service for micro and small projects in coordination with the business development department for developmental matters and strategic plans to continue the advancement of the national projects sector.
• Follow up the level of household projects and develop license performance reports (monthly and annual).
• Follow up the renewal and issuance process using the system of licenses to "Accredit" and develop.
• Establishment and development of social media and the site of a license.
• Issuing, renewing and modifying commercial and professional licenses.
• Provide a database of license customers and services provided.
• Develop statistical data for growth rates and monthly reporting.
• Develop appropriate business activities and services for the micro and small enterprise category.
• Follow-up to solve problems and obstacles facing license holders.
• Follow-up to meet the conditions for licenses and required identification papers and license papers with the concerned departments.
• Activate the SMS service for communicating with the entrepreneurs to inform the renewal of the licenses and the services provided.
• Continue to update the information of the "License" license booklet and all the versions and news of the "Accreditation" license program.
• The establishment of exhibitions and workshops for license holders "Accreditation" and what is assigned within the development plans required by the Department of Commercial Affairs.
• Implement the tasks assigned by the Department of Commercial Affairs regarding the development of licensing services with the relevant internal departments and external entities.


Projects License "Adoption"

The program focuses on the development of the domestic business enterprise sector in order to achieve governmental support for the SME sector and service support to issue sector licenses in order to serve the sector's customers in particular.
Objectives of the license program "adoption":
- Etihad's license aims at supporting and supporting the ideas and initiatives of citizens and citizens to invest in private projects by issuing a license in the emirate of Sharjah and allowing citizens to practice some commercial activities from home.
- Organizing the process of doing business through the house in the Emirate of Sharjah.
- Providing support for upgrading the commercial and promotional level of the establishment and ensuring intellectual and economic rights.
- Motivate and encourage citizens to invest and encourage them to innovate and develop skills.

The benefits and services provided by the Department for those with a license:

- Holding special annual exhibitions for licensees.
- Provide educational courses and training services.
- Project incubation, development and follow-up.
- Promotion and marketing of small and medium enterprises.
- Supporting member projects to obtain a franchise franchise.
- Providing legal advice.
- Nominating successful and pioneering projects for financial support (Rawad Foundation).

Objectives :

Commercial Investment Section
- Contributing to the development and development of national investments, identifying appropriate activities and attracting foreign investments.
- Prepare and publish decisions and recommendations that contribute to raising awareness among investors.
- Provide advice and statistical data, economic indicators and feasibility studies to provide a successful business environment in coordination with other parties.
- Link business activities with human development policies, education and environmental protection.

Business Development Section
- Proposing policies and laws that encourage the development and grant the necessary incentives.
- Identify investment opportunities and disseminate them to investors.
- Developing policies to address infringing practices in coordination with the competent authorities.
- Studying the regional and international variables and their effects on the commercial movement in the emirate.
- Periodic issuance of indicators for the commercial and professional sectors.

projects Department
- Providing initiatives and suggestions for the development of services, technical, information and marketing achieved for the strategic plans.
- Meeting with the relevant parties of the project and discussing the objectives and views of the implementation.
- Reporting and evaluation notes to approve projects, key objectives and expected results.
- Develop plans and follow up implementation in cooperation and coordination with departments and departments internally and externally.
- Implementation and follow-up in coordination with technical and media companies and implementation sites in the event of implementation of field projects.
- Develop evaluation reports to measure results.

Procedures for Issuing and Renewing the "Accreditation" License - Electronic Link (Handbook)


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