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Government Communication


The Department of Government Communication is the department responsible for organizing all events and meetings that are carried out in the department or outside it and developing relations with government, federal, private and other stakeholders to build strategic partnerships. It also plays a key role in highlighting the department's most important and effective role through various media.


Marketing department

- Organizing internal and external events and exhibitions

- Setting up advertising and promotional campaigns

- Design of publications and publications

- Design of armor and promotional gifts

- Management of social networking sites public relations section

- Organization of meetings between the Department and other bodies

- Preparation of a program to receive visitors to the official department.

- Participation in internal and external exhibitions.

- Clarify the role of the Department of Economic Development for investors.

- Study and submit reports related to exhibitions and investment and foreign events.

- Participate in the consolidation of relations with major investors.

- Conduct direct contacts with customers, investors and businessmen and encourage them to participate in exhibitions organized by the Department.

-Department of Media and Publishing

- Preparation of the media plan and news to promote the objectives of the Department and its activities.

- Effective communication and building strategic partnerships with local media.

- Coverage and dissemination of all events and events organized by the Department through the media.

- Preparing, drafting and publishing press releases.

- Managing and updating the media content of the portal of the electronic circuit and the internal forum.

- Preparation and production of the quarterly magazine of the department in all stages of coordination and output and distribution.

- Monitor and follow up all what is published through the media about the Department and archiving.

- Translation of documents, bulletins, correspondence and reports from Arabic to English and vice versa.


Providing the necessary information about the companies, government and federal agencies, private institutions and other concerned parties in the development of the economy of the Emirate
     Organizing the internal and external events, conferences and exhibitions of the department
     Reception of delegations and senior officials
     Issue of the quarterly economic development magazine
     Send text messages and activate social media by publishing various news and events related to the department


Marketing department

Design Division

Events and Exhibitions Division

public relations section

Local Relations Division

International Relations Division

Department of Media and Publishing

Translation Division

Media Coverage and Monitoring Division